Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Guacamole BLT's

Here is a healthier version of the BLT. I might even say "tastier" too! The guacamole was awesome addition to an already excellent sandwich! Just moistens it up perfectly! I love making BLT's for dinner because it is so fast and everyone is happy! :)

Guacamole B.L.T.'s
Prepared guacamole dip/spread
cheese (if desired)
Hearty Whole Wheat Bread, toasted.

Spread the guacamole on the toasted bread in place of mayo or mustard, then layer other ingredients.

Hello B.L.T!!! Mmmm... you make my mouth water just to look at you!!! :)
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Sook said...

Oh wow, the sandwich looks so refreshing and healthy! That would make a great lunch or dinner! Yum!

jess and seth said...

Hey--we made these last week! Now I feel really famous--to be a few days ahead of you on a recipe is really something. :) I canNOT look at this site with Eleni. "Can I have some grapes? I'm hungry. That looks so good!" . . .

Michelle said...

I'm pretty sure this will be on our menu this week. MMMMMMMMMmmmmm!