Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wimbledon Strawberry Dessert

My sister, Jessica, sent me this little recipe for a snack and it sounded yummy, so I thought I would post it. Don't I have a cute nephew and name-sake niece! If only I had some fresh strawberries right now, I know just what I would do!!!! :)

Wimbledon Strawberry Dessert
Just take fresh strawberries, cut off the leaves, dip them in a bowl of sour cream, then a bowl of brown sugar. It's amazing how tasty they are!

"My friend who introduced me to this said it is served around the Wimbledon Tennis tournaments. It's so easy and tasty! Seth hates the sour cream, so he only does the brown sugar and its still good. But you can't even tell it's sour cream, truly."
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Elicia said...

OOOOOOOOooh This is my absolute favorite way to eat strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!

Leslie said...

I have eaten strawberries this way all my life. This is especially good for breakfast... I don't know what this dessert label is all about. Paul's family eats them with sweetened condensed milk, but I've held strong to the sour cream and brown sugar!