Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Salad Bar...

Here is a fresh idea! When was the last time you had just a good salad with all the works on it? I mean really good... not like you were eating rabbit food kind of good. We used to have a Salad Bar line everyday in high school for lunch. It was SO GOOD! I sometimes forget it as a dinner option, because I usually think of salad as a side dish. It also takes a minute if you are chopping everything up, but it ended up being so fun, special, and colorful in the end, that it is worth the trouble. The girls helped me put everything into bowls and put them on the table. They were so excited, and they actually ate it really well. This was so tasty and I want to share two yummy recipes I found for home-made ranch/buttermilk salad dressing. (They are comming up!) So freshen things up and put together a yummy salad bar tonight!

Ideas for toppings:
green onions
Mandrine oranges
sunflower seeds
bacon bits
beans/kidney beans
cottage cheese

Post a comment it you think of something else that is good!!! :)
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Melissa said...

Boiled egg is sometimes good.
Carrots, radishes, cucumber, cut up mushroom, red onion sliced.
I love your blog.
I think you have tons of awesome ideas and I love it.
Thanks for posting again and again wonderful recipes.
Your awesome. ;)

The Douglas & Lydia Stewart Clan said...

Great ideas Melissa! Thank you so much! You can always leave something out! So many options! Thanks for following!