Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doug's Heavenly Orange Julius

One thing that makes me REALLY HAPPY is when Doug blends up this little beauty. I love his version of Orange Julius, and I finally talked him into writing it down. I decided it is kind of an art as he was explaining the "thickness" and such, but I hope you get the general idea, and just know that you'll never quite make it quite as good as he does, but you can certainly try. :)

Doug's Heavenly Orange Julius
1/2 container orange juice concentrate
1 tray of ice cubes
1 banana (optional)
1/4 cup sugar
about 1 T vanilla extract (to taste)
Milk (add last and fill blender almost to the top.)
Add milk to preference:
-More milk- runnier but serves more.
-Less milk- thick (and chunkier if you blend less and add banana), but serves less.

Blend to desired thickness.

(Frankly, we're all big fans!)

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JessicaRindy said...

Lydia I was craving Orange Julius tonight, and I had everything but the OJ :( I've never tried a banana, sounds amazing! I'll have to try it!