Monday, October 27, 2008

Tin Foil Dinner... In the oven

Here is an easy idea I got from my old room-mate Tali. She made these all the time and it seemed like we waited for eternity at the oven door for them to cook... but oh when we pulled them out! Heavenly! Too speed things up a bit- I actually cooked my meat in some chopped onions first, but it tastes really good cooked in the oven if you are willing to wait.

Tali's Tin Foil Dinners (Oven Style)
ground Beef
Salt and Pepper
Whatever else you want to throw in.
*Literally chop and throw into some tin foil. (The thinner you cut the faster it cooks) Wrap in up and throw it in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes if you previously cooked the meat and about 1 hour if you haven't. Enjoy!
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Seth and Jessica King said...

MMMMMMM, good idea! I haven't made this for ages! I love tin foil dinners! Have you ever done it before just in a casserole dish? It's easy.

Stephen and Angeline said...

One thing that adds a bit of flavor is adding cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup. My husband introduced me to that and I can't eat my tinfoil dinners any other way now!

Kimpossible said...

I mean, I was just searching for "tin foil dinners" and of course I find a Mormon food blog. (BTW, I don't mean that derogatory. I'm Mormon too. I just think it's funny that the other things that come up are LDS scouting forums and KSL. I didn't realize that tin foil dinners were so Mormony.)

Any way, thanks for the tips. Cute blog, I looked around for a little bit.

Brett and Sheree :) said...

Thank you for the tips! I was looking for a fun meal for me and my husband tonight, great idea! i will most definitely be looking at your other recipes too! Great blog.