Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy "Late" Valentine's Day!!!

Gone are the days of home-made valentines, decorated Kleenex mailboxes, and "Do you love your neighbor?"... I had to really talk my daughter's teacher into letting me bring cupcakes. They have a strict no candy policy and they don't celebrate holidays. Rip off!!! I looked forward to those days all year!!! I'm glad we did the cupcakes because Amberlee was on cloud nine passing them out. She was so tickled with herself. I think she got 2 other little Valentine notes from classmates, and she came skipping out of the school saying "Valentines is my favorite, best day ever!!!" Oh little Amberlee... if only you knew what it could be. :) Hope you had a very "SWEET" day!!!
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jess and seth said...


I can't believe they don't even do Valentine's--Lydia looks forward to that day all year! What kind of a school is this? Oh yeah . . . a really cool school with all kinds of field trips and interactive learning . . . I guess that's just the price you pay, right? :)

Lyd's school has a you-can-only-bring-packaged-treats rule, so we can't bring anything homemade. Which means that they have treats all the time for holidays, etc., but they're processed or just wrapped candy. It makes me mad--for b-days you have to go _buy_ your cupcakes--and of course they're nasty from the store.