Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Mom Bruschetta

We have six monster tomato plants taking over the patio, thanks to my husband's green thumb, but they are kept in check by my one year old who won't allow any of them to ripen before the little tike harvests them.  He brings us chewed up bits of green tomato every time he escapes outside.  It is making us crazy because we have given them so much tender-loving-care!  BUT when we DO have a juicy ripe RED tomato... probably one lucky enough to grow on the UPPER vines, I will make this simple snack again... because I think it would be heaven with garden tomatoes!  It was ALMOST heaven without. :)

Busy Mom Bruschetta (By Lyd)
1 baguette loaf
cream cheese spread
2-3 tomatoes
fresh basil
Italian seasoning
pinch of salt

Slice bread into thin slices.  Slice tomato and basil.  Spread cream cheese onto the bread.  Add tomato and basil.  Sprinkle with salt and Italian seasoning. Munch munch munch!
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TiAnn said...

Oh yum!! I'm completely obsessed with bruschetta right now & your variation sounds wonderful & easy! Can't wait to try it!