Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Happy Halibut and The Perky Pickle...

Is that not the coolest name ever? Ok- so during her high school years, my own dear mother actually worked in the mall at "The Happy Halibut and The Perky Pickle." Who wouldn't want to eat there with a name like that? She was the deep fryin' queen! :) I don't think the job lasted long, but her legacy of "Perky Pickles" will endure on through the ages of time! :) She probably only made them at home 3 or 4 times (combine 6 over-excited youngster's with a pot of hot grease and that just speaks disaster) but she made it enough that I thought it was more often then that, and it was SO SPECIAL when she did. And I'm sure it was a ton of work-- I think all we would have for dinner that night was a big batch of "Perky Pickles" (which makes me feel less guilty about the hash browns of late) but you wouldn't have heard one complaint. I love them to this day! I had a hankering the other day, and it is a lot of work, but SO GOOD!

Mom's Perky Pickles
Mom would just mix a thin batter with flour and water, but she is not the measuring type, so I cheated and used a box of Tempura mix (you'll find it in the Asian section.) but I would suggest making it just a bit thicker so it coats the pickles well.

Uses hamburger pickles, coat in batter, and gently drop in hot oil and deep fry until they start turning golden brown. Let cool and eat up-- you're sure to feel might "perky". :)

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jess and seth said...

So I didn't know the happy halibut & perky pickle was in a mall! Hah! And I like your tempura idea. The last time I tried deep-frying, all my batter fell off. You're making me hungry just looking at it . . .