Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Cracker Stack Snack

I'm sure this is nothing new, but this is one of our favorite snacks. I like to give my daughter the assignment of making them for us... and she happily obliges. :) This is a great one for kids... like the WAY overpriced Lunchables with a kick... and much more affordable... and healthy... and fresh... and less processed. I would know, because I just had one yesterday- I was in a hurry and snagged one for me and the kids to curb the hunger, and I just want to know why I BEGGED my mom for those when I was little. I wanted them SO BAD. Some seriously impressive advertising I guess. :)

A Cracker Stack Snack (By Lyd and Miss A.)
whole wheat crackers
garden vegetable cream cheese
cheese slices
lunch meat (pepper turkey in this case)
spinkle of basil

Spread, layer, and devour.
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jess and seth said...

Amen to your Lunchables comments. They can't even be considered a lunch, and you could buy each individual ingredient--a whole boxful of crackers, for that matter--and still save some money. Amberlee, well done! These look much tastier anyway. We just bought a box of tomatoes, so now I know what to do with them!