Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Digress...

 I recently watched:
and finished it resolved to eat better. (Found here on hulu and instant view on Netflix.)  I've watched a few of these food documentaries.  I think they are fascinating (for example Food, inc.), but this one particularly stood out to me because it was backed up by so much evidence.  I don't  mean to be the one who jumps on "the latest band-wagon"... and yet, perhaps in this case, that's not such a bad thing.
I also just finished reading:
which admittedly was kind of a boring read.  I thought the first half of the book was interesting, but the second half was a bit tedious and repetitive- hard to get through; however, the underlying theme of appreciating our food for it's nutritional value and it's history, rather than the price tag, was powerful.  He encouraged us to think about what we are eating and where it came from- something we do too little of.
SO... I am now committed to really increase my veggies and decrease my meat and dairy.  Please note that I intentionally said "decrease."  I have no intentions of becoming a vegetarian, but for the first time, I am realizing the blessings of closely following my religion's "Word of Wisdom" (the Lord's revealed law of health for his children), where we are encouragement to "eat meat sparingly."  
LET ME TELL YOU-- it has been hard.  I've had to put quite a bit more thought and planning into my meals, but I'm happy to say that I have found several new "meatless" additions, and I have felt healthier.  I think what has surprised me the most is how satisfied I can feel.  There are actually some deliciously flavorful veggie dishes out there, even for a family.  If you have and good ones, do share, because I'm still hunting for some practical meatless meals- not the ones that make you wonder "where's the meat?" or the ones with a ridiculous list of unrecognizable ingredients, or praising the glory of tofu (of which I just can't seem to get excited about... I don't know, maybe give me some time... maybe.)  Anyway, I guess the bottom line is, more fruits and veggies are on their way. :) Not to mention a healthier family!

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